Head chef: Connor Haynes

    Connor has been cooking since he was 18 and believes that the universal secret for creating good food is the focus on cooking with love. Showing love and passion for every aspect of the cooking process, from choosing the freshest and finest ingredients to the careful and tender process of food preparation. Connor believes that customers can experience this love exuding through the simple yet vibrant food he strives to make.

    Connor started in the chef world eight years ago by helping in his local pub, and has since worked alongside some of the world’s greatest chefs in his quest for excellence. Over this time he has succeeded in climbing the ranks due to the hard work and passion he has dedicated to his love of cooking.  

    Connor has always looked up to Phil Howard as a chef, admiring the amazing food he produces at Elystan Street, and praises his “cook what you love” philosophy which he himself has always tried to input into everything he produces. Working at Kitchen W8, owned by Phil Howard was a pinnacle of Connor’s career thus far, working alongside Mark Kempson who he also aspires to. Connor credits his knowledge and experience as a chef to everything he learnt in those years which also taught him michelin level cooking skills.