Brussel Sprouts The Whole Family Will Enjoy

    Love them or hate them, Brussel Sprouts are an essential part of the Christmas season and can not be missed from the Christmas Dinner plate! The widely hated vegetable certainly doesn’t have to be the flavourless vegetable it been known for, at Treves and Hyde we do it very differently. Try to recreate our simple Treves and Hyde Brussel Sprouts, teamed with crispy maple bacon and parmesan, these delicious flavours are sure to convert even the strongest sprout haters! So why not bring a bit of Treves and Hyde to your Christmas dinner this year and recreate this restaurant classic.

    Brussel sprout leaves, crispy maple bacon and parmesan

    Blanch the brussels in lightly salted boiling water until tender

    Chill quickly in iced water

    Dry leaves

    Warm gently unsalted butter and vegetable stock. Until a creamy emulsion

    Add brussels and heat. Season with salt and white pepper

    Garnish with shaved parmesano and crispy maple bacon lardons