Christmas for the Treves & Hyde Office

    Turkey; it can be the driest of all the poultries, the bird that will swiftly tear the smile off of any chefs face, I myself, an ex-kitchen worker, remember those days. 
    The 1st of December marks the countdown to January (and my days off) staff food… Turkey Curry, Turkey Sandwiches, Turkey Lasagne, Turkey bloody ice-cream. Its relentless.
    Nowadays office-bound; I’m quite excited, I wander past the kitchen door on the way to my office, nosing in to say good morning. Chefs running for their lives to be ready for lunch. I was handed a piece of Turkey to taste on the 1st, to my astonishment, It wasn’t dry. It wasn’t that thing that gave me nightmares during every 4 hours of sleep I achieved in December as a chef. It actually put a smile on my face, hair raising flavour. They nailed it!
    So that time of year has once more arrived, we have dug out our festive recipes, twisting the usual and re-inventing the classics. 
    Slade playing in the restaurant and our festive helpers dressed up for the season. Head Chef George can be found attentively preparing his famous Turkey Roll. Stuffing at the ready and Christmas jokes fit for crackers armed on the tables.

    In the restaurant over Christmas, we have a few spots still available for festive office parties, the phones are always manned or you can book via https://trevesandhyde.com/book-a-table/. Our hair-raising turkey roll is un-missable Christmas addition to Aldgate!

    Merry Christmas!

    Treves & Hyde Operations