Explore Treves & Hyde

    Treves & Hyde is more than just a Restaurant. The first thing you see when you arrive is a huge Texan smoker and Argentine Grill that dominates the front terrace where tables and umbrellas between planters have found a sun spot between the buildings.  Here they produce a ready to go menu perfect for lunch and prepare the slow cooked food for roasts cooked gently over oak, chestnut and apple wood.

    Downstairs at Hyde is a unique architecturally designed coffee shop during the day featuring a Mavam Coffee Machine, one of two in the country and hugely knowledgeable baristas producing world class coffee. They offer juices prepared to order, breakfast pastries, sandwiches, cakes and savoury items all either made on site or supplied by organic bakers such as Celtic Bakery.

    As the day progresses the mood changes with craft beers such as Beavertown and Harviestoon taking centre stage. By the time night time falls the cosy candlelit tables become a secluded hideaway from the bustle outside.

    With a balance of design there is stripped back feel with half painted concrete and carefully chosen furnishings A bare steel spiral staircase leads to the first-floor restaurant and bar.

    Upstairs at Treves is a carefully thought out space that has a welcoming feel where you sit and watch the world go by through their floor to ceiling window or sit at the bar sipping cocktails.

    Open for breakfast lunch and dinner, a short ever-changing menu specialising in clean beautiful food. There are separate offers at the weekend and lots of special events.

    The company ethos is simple, use only great ingredients, don’t use huge ‘uncaring’ producers for anything and don’t overcomplicate it. Give the guest the very best experience they can for a fair price.  Only employ people that are passionate for what they do and that you would want to work with.

    This is small destination venue with a lot to offer, they have managed to fit many different high quality aspects to the facility with great attention to detail. They have done things differently and it shows, highly recommended.